Our company builds custom wheel chairs for special needs and bariatric conditions. We OWN one U.S. Patent for our chair and other Patents are pending.

HELLO! From Newer Freedom Custom Wheel Chairs. WE HAVE SOMETHING NEW!

This we have acted on an idea to help improve and solve logistical problems inherent with conventional chairs as used in moving patients and weighing patients. I will explain.

This chair is simply a new tool, used to transfer people easier and much safer. An added feature is this is a weigh scale chair too.

The features of our chair are:
**One nice feature is the weight scale. This is an added feature. To weigh a person, you would lift or slide them onto the chair. Then weigh them and slide them back onto the bed. This eliminates lifting into a regular chair and traveling to the remote scale and lifting back again. This method is less stress on the patient and is safer. **Our chairs normal lowered elevation is the same as a lowered hospital bed.

**One other feature of our chair that allows easy access are the wheels. The large tires that all regular wheel chairs have are not required. We use 4 inch wheels with foot brakes. The wheels also allow easy maneuvering in tight places.

**A major feature of our chair is the frame and seat design. This configuration allows for a wide, seat plate. At the same time the chair can go through any 30 inch door way.

**Other important features of this chair are the back seat will lower to a level position and the leg rest will come up to level. This gives you a completely level area of 24-28 inch wide by over five feet long.

The back and foot and raising movements are controlled by the attendant with a hand held pendent.

The next feature is optional. The entire seat will raise to any bed level. Let's say you have a bed set up high. We have a built-in column capable of lifting 1,100 lbs., 37 inches from the floor. There would be no need to lower and disturb the bed settings. The idea is to make work easier, faster and much safer. Handling bariatric or the most, frail patient will be made much easier.